India Liberalizes Returns on Technological Investments

There are several ways to increase the value of a patent portfolio.  One is to ensure that patented claims cover  the evolutionary path of the relevant technology.  A second is to be sure to file patent applications (after receiving foreign filing licenses) in jurisdictions where the technology could have competitors or markets.

One market that is seen as being increasingly important is India.  A billion people live there and an increasing number of them are entering the middle class.  The inevitable off-shoring trend, though painful to many in the U.S. and Europe, has been a boon to people there.  They are demanding products and services they could not previously afford and, because of the popularity of American media, their demand for foreign brands is seemingly insatiable.

Although foreign companies have seen India as a source of cheap labor and a potential future market for several years, they have limited their direct investments because of India's rules that restricted royalty payments without prior government approval and lax enforcement of intellectual property rights.  The government of India on Wednesday announced a liberalization of the royalty payment rules. 

With this announcement along with improved enforceability of intellectual property, India is setting itself up for a bright future on the world stage.

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